My name is Emma Buchanan, the Founder and Director of SheSafe – Australia’s new and exciting ride sharing service driven by Women for Women and children.

Married and a mother of two beautiful little children, I have a background in Sales and Marketing, spending more than 15 years in the pharmaceutical industry. Since then I have become involved in property, developing and renovating, and I have also been involved in a number of businesses leading teams of people.

My idea about starting SheSafe came about back in January of 2016 when I was in a café and overheard two Mums chatting about how unhappy they felt about their daughters getting into taxis and other ride sharing cars with male drivers, especially late at night.

I did some market research and spoke to lots of women who all said a similar thing, in that they never really felt safe or comfortable getting into a car with a male driver. Many women I spoke to were very concerned about their young daughters catching taxis or other ride sharing services with male drivers. It was from here that I knew this was a much needed service for women and children.

I also knew this business would allow so many women driver to be able to have another income stream, choose their own hours to work and be their own boss. So many mums that I spoke to said they would love to be able to work just a few hours around their kids.

My research into complaints and assaults from male drivers towards their passengers showed the numbers were staggering! I knew then that this business was really needed in the marketplace.

Women and young girls shouldn’t have to feel worried or apprehensive about getting into a car with a male driver, but sadly many of them do, and that’s where SheSafe can help. We are offering a solution for safety and total peace of mind when travelling in a car with a stranger.

SheSafe is all about the safety of all our drivers and passengers and this is our key objective. All of our drivers must have a police background check and a Working with Children Certificate.

If you feel SheSafe has something to offer you, either as one of our fabulous drivers or passengers, then please get in contact as we would love to hear from you.

Warmest Wishes,
Emma Buchanan

Founder and Director of SheSafe Safe journey for Women and Children

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